We offer specialized services for your research and drug development performed by our partner worldwide.

You will be connected to our partner scientists fom the early beginning to discuss your needs in detail.

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  • Thrombocytopenie via CFU-MK-Assays
  • Severe Anemia via CFU-E / BFU-E Assays
  • Neutropenia via CFU-GEMM and CFU-L Assays
  • Lymphopenie via Cytotox-assays

Immunology assays

  • Cytokine Storm
  • Antibody Testing
  • ADC´s 
  • ADCC Assays mit validierten NK-Zellen
  • Target Validation
  • Immuno-Oncology
  • Immuno-Phenotyping

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In-vitro Testing using 3D organotypic barrier models


  • humane & procine skin
  • Permeation using automatic Franz-Zellen (GMP)
  • Penetration studioes using the Saarbrücken Model


  • Calu-3 Modell
  • hAEPC´s
  • hAELVI Zellen (immortalisierte Zell-System)


  • Caco-2 Modell (gesundes System
  • CaCo-2 ((combined disolution)
  • 3D Ko-Kultur Modelle (Inflammation) mit primären und/oder immortalisierten Zellen

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  • Synthesis of drug and supportimg compounds up to 10 kg/ batch
  • Design and Synthesis of foccused compoundlibaries
  • Analysis of the protein bindung via SPR
  • Detection and Quantification of Small Molecules in biologic matrices

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(Nano)-pharmaceutical formulations inckl. charakterization and analysis.  Our partner PharmBiotec GmbH already finalized many projects with success.

  • Nano-Crystal
  • Nano-Emulsion
  • Liposomal Formulation
  • Peptide-Nano-Particle
  • PLGA-Particle
  • Topical Formulations (Hydrogels, transdermale therapeutic Systems, Ointments and Cremes 

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Our partner PharmBiotec GmbH is an expert in analysing

  • pharmazeutical ingredients, compounds and drugs
  • Charakterization of  Bio-Biopharmaceuticals.

The developemnt and validation of analytical methods is alsopart of their portfolio.

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Our partner abc biopply offers the standadization of complex cellular systems. Their services include:

  • Tuning of the elements of your cell systems  concerning the needs of your technology plattform.
  • Customization to GxP-Requirements
  • Consultancy and Implementation in relevant processes (eg. logistic: packaging, delivery documents and delivery conditions)
  • Exploitation of Sales-Channels
  • Developement of special media components  and characterization of you cell systems in 2D and 3D.

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