Our partner QRET Technologies Ltd developed the Protein-Probe Aggregation Assay Kit which is a user friendly approch to monitor protein aggregation in solution. The assay is  useful to define optimal storage formulations to proteins.  The Protein-Probe is more than 50-fold sensitive in comparison to other techniques e.g. thermofluor with SyproOrange, UV detection, dynamic light scattering (DLS) and size exclusion chroomatography. Protein aggregation is also detected 10-fold earlier than with the reference methods.
Protein-Probe provides a high sensitivity approach with lowered protein consumption and an early detection of protein aggregation. 



  • more than 50-fold sensitive
  • 10-fold earlier detection
  • nano molar scale
  • wide scale of excipients can be used
  • high throughput 384 microplate format
  • user friendly – just mix and meassure



Plate reader equipped with time-resolved luminescence (fluorescence) detection mode is required.


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