Consulting & sales for biotech start-up companies


We at FROST LIFESCIENCE support you to start your successful business from the early stage. Business development will be our part in a very close teamwork together with you.  


Marketing and Sales are fundamental for your success and in many Start-up companies these talents are missing. 

We like to assist you and will sell your products and services to customers. If you are not willing to invest into a sales-team we can also find the right partner o distibuto for you.


Use our sales & marketing expertise from the early beginning of your business. With more than 20 years experience we are delighted to coach your team to success.

Our Products

We sell products for your research and added the following product to our portfolio:

  • Protein-Probe Aggregation Assay Kit

This kit is optimized for assaying antibody aggregation. A plate reader equipped with time-resolved luminescence (fluorescence) detection mode is required!

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Best Business Solution for You!

Just use our expertise and experience to make your business successful. 

Business Development & Sales

We will introduce your company, brand, products or services into the market. The market entry will be done in a close co-working together with you and your team. Products and Services are already integrated into our portfolio and are sold successfully by us.


Many of the BD projects will be directed to our sales team at FROST LIFESCIENCE. At the moment we sell recombinant proteins and ELISA kits.


We work together with a worldwide network of highly specialized service providers (CRO & CMO). From the early beginning you are connected to our partner scientists to discuss your projects and needs in detail.

Contact With Us

Feel free to contcat us via phone, fax or e-mail. We will take care on your request and will asnwer asap. 

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